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Attractions in Savannah Historic District

Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences
The Telfair Academy of Arts and Sciences was the very first public museum of the arts opened in the southern United States. Built in 1818 by Alexander Telfair, who was a son of one of Georgia's earlier governors, the Telfair Academy was built in a neoclassical style featuring statues and columns. The museum's contents include American art and manuscripts hailing from the turn of the 19th century. This museum also has a special wing dedicated to early African-American artists.

First African Baptist Church
The First African Baptist Church was one of the very first African-American Baptist churches ever built in the United States, being built in the 1832. The history of the congregation that formed the church goes back even further than that; the church has a lineage of worship that pre-dates the American Revolution! It was a stop on the Underground Railroad, and was a popular meeting place for activists during the early days of the Civil Rights Movement. This church features a museum with newspapers and other church memorabilia that is open to the public.

Savannah Terminal
The Savannah Terminal of the Central of Georgia railroad is the oldest pre-civil war railroad terminal in America that still stands today. It features a museum, containing information and interesting items pertaining to the early days of rail travel and transport that is open to visitors. Buildings still standing at the terminal include the train depot and a blacksmith's shop.

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist
The Cathedral of St. John the Baptist was built in 1799, and the first Catholic Church to be built in Savannah, making it the Mother Church of the Diocese of Savannah. Catholics were initially prevented from settling in Savannah, as it was assumed they would be more loyal to the Spanish colonists in Florida than the English colonists in the rest of Georgia; however, after the American Revolution, the ban was lifted and the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist was constructed. After being almost destroyed by a fire a hundred years after it was built, it was quickly rebuilt and is now a beautiful French Gothic cathedral.

Old Harbor Light
The Old Harbor Light is an interesting lighthouse designed to guide American ships to Savannah's port through British blockades during the Revolutionary War. It's very understated and clandestine for a lighthouse, appearing more like a gigantic street light than a typical lighthouse; its low visibility helped it to avoid detection by the British navy while still being useful for American sailors who knew it was there.

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